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I’m Barbora.

I’m a proud mama, lawyer, vineyard owner, certified yoga teacher, and certified nutritionist.

I’m here to share my journey on active lifestyle & wellbeing, health, and food. My motto is to let food be your medicine. I am 44 years old, I am married, and I have two amazing daughters Julie and Lucie.

my story

Let food be your medicine.

Certified Nutritionist Badge

My husband always tells me that our kitchen is my second office. I love being in the kitchen, and I am very strict about nutrient-dense foods and the ingredients I use. Afterall, what you put in your body matters.

I will share parts of my life with you. I will share my healthy habits with you, how I eat, how I exercise, what challenges I’ve put upon myself. I want to inspire you to do the same. I will always remind you that you need to prioritize nutrition, training, and sleep while considering every aspect of your health, body type, diet, and overall lifestyle.

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